Effective communication is a sure way to see improvements in your workplace

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For 30 years Cheryl Martin has been focussing on bringing out the best in people.

Cheryl Martin is the Director of Communicate Well Work Well (CWWW), delivering interactive communications workshops and tailor made training on workplace communication and teambuilding.

Sessions are hosted by Cheryl or other highly experienced trainers in Bendigo, Australia.

With experience in both the Small Business and Human Service sectors, Cheryl has worked as a practitioner, educator, manager, government employee and small business owner and believes employees must be equipped with effective workplace communication skills to work at their best.

Communicate Well Work Well delivers practical communication training appropriate for employees, managers, professionals and anyone in a workplace. Effective communication will improve productivity, staff morale, business reputation, customer service and ultimately, business profitability and success.

Your employees can be one of your greatest assets or greatest liabilities. Cheryl works with employees to turn them into assets; equipping them to be the best communicators they can be!



Many workplace problems are caused by ineffective communication


Dissatisfied customers

How often do you find that “difficult customer issues” could have easily been avoided with better communication? CWWW teaches participants how to deliver information more effectively, and how to receive client feed back positively and with purpose. Many staff respond defensively to complaints or criticism from customers/ clients/ patients but if interpreted constructively, such feedback can be used positively to inform important workplace changes.

Staff conflict

As Business Owners or Managers, staff can be your greatest asset or your greatest liability! Invest in your staff’s skill set so they understand about effective communication that can reduce and even eliminate internal and departmental conflict. Individuals will learn the most effective way to deliver information, ideas, provide feedback and discuss workplace issues of concern without creating frustration and offence.

Ineffective management & leadership

Effective and considered communication is essential at every level within a workplace. Directors, managers & business owners are each responsible for delivering key information, creating a culture of open and effective communication and a workplace environment for fair and informed decision-making. Develop your ability to lead more assertively and effectively with communication excellence that is underpinned by respect for yourself and for others.

Mixups, mistakes & wastage

Save time, money and resources by delivering accurate and understandable information, with desired intent, that is positively received. Avoid mistakes that can be caused by people not listening well, not being precise and accurate when using written or verbal communication for records or information sharing. Effective communication increases productivity and helps to develop better systems and work efficiency.

Communicate Well Work Well will provide your staff with their own toolbox of essential communication skills


The RECIPE for effective workplace communication


The TOOLS needed to become an effective communicator


The OPPORTUNITY to practice and discover ways to communicate well and add value to your workplace


Individualised employee GOALS for continuous improvement with workplace communication


Cheryl and her clear, approachable style of communication training has helped our team ‘speak the same language’.  Communication within our team is clearer, misunderstandings are reduced and team spirit is high.  She has developed additional specific training sessions based on our needs, and has also assisted me individually with leadership training and mentoring, exit interviews, staff appraisals and new staff interviews.  Her kindness and clarity, ability to ask the hard questions and listen to our needs, makes our business more successful.  I couldn’t recommend her services more highly. ~ Dr. Susan Bibby, myvet Strathfieldsaye and Snip and Chip Low Cost Pet Desexing.


“Our team thoroughly enjoyed the Workplace Communication session presented by Cheryl. They were provided with practical tools and concepts they are able to utilise within the workplace, and in their personal lives. I wholeheartedly recommend this workshop to all workplaces.” ~ Sally, Manager at Private Hospital


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Group sessions are available for up to 20 participants

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